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About United2Prevent

United2Prevent is a local task force comprised of community members.

Dr. Charlene Blache and Terri Walker serve as chair and co-chair of the task force. The board consists of suicide survivors who have lost loved ones to suicide, a licensed mental health therapist, pastors, medical providers, and several others who are each motivated and committed to this cause for various reasons. 

Three focus areas of United2Prevent Task Force are:

– To prevent suicide.
– To bring awareness to suicide. 
– To destigmatize mental illness. 

The task force hopes to reach the community through various types of outreach projects providing accurate and substantial information on the suicide epidemic that is growing in the community, state, and nation.

Group Hug
Our Mission
To increase our community's awareness, understanding, and knowledge of suicide so that people contemplating taking their own lives can be helped before they choose it as the solution to their suffering.
United2Prevent in the News
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